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Online/Telephone Counselling

Online counselling takes place within a secure, encrypted environment to offer you confidentiality and safety.  There are a variety of reasons that clients choose to have online counselling sessions. Some of the advantages are:

Convenience - There is no need to travel, you can carry out the session where you feel comfortable.

Flexibility - If work patterns are unpredictable, you can still commit to weekly sessions via this platform.

Anonymity - If you feel uncomfortable to meet face-to-face, having online or telephone sessions may be more comfortable for you

Things to remember:

:  You will need a stable internet connection for online sessions

:  You need to ensure you can be online or able to be on your telephone at the agreed time 

:  It's important you find a quiet, confidential space where you can talk freely and will not be overheard or interrupted

:  It may be useful to wear earphones

:  There is always a chance that there will be a failure in technology or poor signal, however, we will agree beforehand what we will do if there is a glitch

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