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Should I attend counselling?

Are you struggling with difficulties in your life and need some help? Would you like to improve your personal relationships? Do you want to talk to someone in a safe space without being judged? If so, I offer professional counselling for children, teenagers, adults and couples. I know from my experience that the world can be a stressful place and our daily lives can challenge us emotionally and physically. It's this personal experience combined with my professional training that has shaped my therapy practice.

Counselling provides a confidential, non-judgemental environment where you can work through your problems. I offer professional counselling for children, adults and couples. My counselling experience is diverse and includes working with issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-harm and emotional trauma caused by abuse or

relationship issues.

Counselling is not teaching or coaching. At no point would I tell you what to do, as I believe you are the expert in your own life. I am here to help you work through the problems, understand the root cause and then together we can work on your goals. The control is always with you!

Self-care is everywhere! Just like a gym membership is self-care for your body and mind, counselling is self-care for your mind and heart! Everyone, including social media, is telling us to practise it. So, what exactly is it?

Well to put it into very simple words; it is any activity that we deliberately do to take care of our emotional, mental and physical health. As easy as it sounds, it is very often overlooked. Why is it overlooked? Well again very simply, at times life can get in the way and we can forget about ourselves. Self-care is something that you actively plan, it doesn’t just happen. Good self-care is key to a healthy mind. It can include anything from routine, a good night sleep, a healthy diet, exercise or time out for yourself.

Look out for in-depth blogs coming soon around self-care!

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