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Why choose to have online therapy?

So, a couple of months ago I spoke about why would you choose to attend counselling, explained a little bit about what counselling is and what I offer as a counsellor.

Today I would like to focus on online counselling, as this is a topic that is very important to me during this difficult time, where I have had no choice but to offer online counselling. However, after seeing the benefits of it, it is something that I will certainly continue offering as an integral part of my services.

Although this was something that I previously offered occasionally, as it has always been a preferred method for some, as lockdown happened I spoke with a few people including friends and some fellow counsellors, who told me they viewed it as a 2nd hand option, and I realised it wasn’t seen as effective as face-to-face counselling.

I would like to say how effective it can and there are also some additional added benefits of online counselling v’s face-to-face counselling.

There are, however many benefits of having your therapy online as opposed to face to face, some of which are:

Convenience – There is no need to travel, you can carry out sessions wherever you feel comfortable.

Flexibility – if work patterns are unpredictable, you can still commit to weekly sessions via this platform

Anonymity – if you feel uncomfortable meeting face-to-face, having online or telephone sessions may be more comfortable for you

Access - access to sessions may be more immediate using this platform

Choice – you have a choice of technology including telephone or Zoom, therefore with or without video

No doubt there are points that we need to consider when using technology to carry out counselling sessions. Some of these include:

- Are you comfortable using internet technology?

- Do you feel your situation is too complex to discuss using an online platform?

- Is there a private space where you can talk and express freely without the risk of being overheard?

- You will need a stable internet connection for online sessions

- There is always a chance that there will be a failure in technology or poor signal, however, we will agree beforehand what we will do if there is a glitch

I know I talk a lot about confidentiality, however, I’m aware of the importance of it within the counselling relationship. Therapy takes place within a secure, encrypted platform to offer you safety and confidentiality. However, it is important that you are aware there is always a small chance that confidentiality can be compromised. If we choose to use Zoom, I can talk you through setting up a free account for your therapy, if it’s needed

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